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Blue Marlin Pools is proudly owned by Darren Beswick.
Darren is a fully licensed plumber in which he ran a successful plumbing and excavation business for 22 years before obtaining his pool builders license. For the past 13 years Darren has been 100% committed to the running of Blue Marlin Pools with Pool installations all over the Mornington Peninsula and South Eastern Suburbs. Due to the growing demands of the market Blue Marlin have opened up a new Branch servicing the Berwick, Narre Warren, Gippsland, Pakenham and Phillip Island surrounding areas. This branch will be run by Robert Beswick & Joshua Holmes. This was a natural progression for both Robert & Josh as they have both been an integral part of the Blue Marlin Business for 9 Years.

Darren and Robert do all site inspections and quoting, so you the client can be assured that with their vast knowledge of Pool installations the construction of your new pool will run smoothly with minimal impact on your property. All Blue Marlin Pools installers work full time for Blue Marlin Pools they are not sub-contractors. By doing this we can ensure the highest quality pool installation. We are very proud of the following accolades and awards we received recently for National Dealer of the Year and Victorian Pool Builder of the Year Honesty, Quality and Punctuality being our policy, and of course extremely competitive prices.

Whether you are considering a small plunge Pool or a 12 metre Fibreglass shell, Blue Marlin Pools has a huge range of Pool Shapes and sizes which will suit anyone’s needs. Blue Marlin Pools have exclusively supplied and installed Barrier Reef Pool Shells from day one. Over the past 13 Years there have been many offers from opposition manufacturers to supply their shells. But Blue Marlin has never strayed to these offers as we believe that Barrier Reef Pool Shells are far more superior to our competitors.
Barrier Reef are the only swimming Pool manufacturer in Australia to hold the prestigious 5 Tick Approval for a certified product which is awarded by SAI Global.

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Our Pool Range

Majestic Range

The majestic range really lives up to the name. Formal lines and a design that is as practical as it is elegant. This modern styling combines a spacious pool area with an open length perfect for swimming laps. The central step area provides easy access to the pool, together with a swim out area and ample seating.

Majestic Pools Range Skeleton.
Name Length (m) Width(m) Deep End(m) Shallow End(m)
Majestic 10.50 4.40 1.95 1.10
Majestic 9.50 4.40 1.91 1.13
Majestic 8.50 4.40 1.85 1.18
Majestic 7.20 3.40 1.81 1.24

Barrier Reef Range

One of the most versatile and popular designs, the Barrier Reef range has proven to be a winner for meeting family lifestyle needs. Barrier Reef Pools continuing research and development has resulted in refreshing new ideas and features being incorporated into this design - perfect for family fun, swimming laps, or just lazing around in the sparkling waters of your pool.

Barrier Reef Pools Range Skeleton.
Name Length (m) Width(m) Deep End(m) Shallow End(m)
Hayman 12.02 4.30 2.00 1.26
Arlington 10.30 4.30 1.85 1.26
Sudbury 8.85 4.20 1.81 1.26
Michaelmas 7.50 4.20 1.67 1.26

Billabong Range

One of our latest designs. The visual simplicity of this contemporary square styling design, perfectly compliments your outdoor entertaining area. Integrated with modern surrounds and landscaping this swimming pool design is simply stunning. Generous seating across one end of the fibreglass in-ground swimming pool and half way along one side, makes a great conversation corner whilst sitting in clear cool water on hot sunny days.

Billabong Range Skeleton.
Name Length (m) Width(m) Deep End(m) Shallow End(m)
Billabong 10.50 3.80 1.94 1.11
Billabong 9.50 3.80 1.86 1.11
Billabong 8.50 3.80 1.79 1.11
Billabong 7.50 3.80 1.71 1.11
Billabong 7.20 2.80 1.81 1.24
Billabong 6.20 2.80 1.72 1.24
Plunge 5.50 3.48 1.67 1.67
Plunge 4.70 3.48 1.67 1.67
Billabong 4.20 2.60 1.60 1.60
Slimline 4.20 1.60 1.60 1.60

Monaco Range

Similar to the hugely popular Majestic Range, our Monaco inground swimming pool offers an open, unhindered swimming area with the swim-out and steps set back from the main swimming area. An "Easy Step"" is an added feature to assist safe exit from the pool without limiting the swim area.

Monaco Range Skeleton.
Name Length (m) Width(m) Deep End(m) Shallow End(m)
Monaco 10.50 4.40 1.94 1.10
Monaco 9.50 4.40 1.91 1.13
Monaco 8.50 4.40 1.86 1.18
Slimline 8.50 3.45 1.86 1.18
Monaco 7.20 3.40 1.81 1.24

Kidney Range

This free-form shape allows endless design possibilities for surrounding landscape concepts and water features. This range is perfect for smaller sites and areas where positioning of the pool is important. Add a manifold to the seating area at the pool construction stage and sit back and enjoy a wine or cool treat while your seat gets transformed into a relaxing spa, soothing those aching muscles after a hard day.

Kidney Range Skeleton.
Name Length (m) Width(m) Deep End(m) Shallow End(m)
Oyster 9.10 4.60 1.75 1.10
Oyster 8.20 4.00 1.65 1.10
Oyster 7.50 3.50 1.59 1.10
Opal 6.50 3.50 1.50 1.10
Pixie 4.90 3.00 1.20 1.20

Indulgence Range

The Indulgence pool is a cleverly designed free form smaller size pool ideal for backyards where space is at a premium. This in-ground pool design is real value for money and features a generous seating area, two step entries and safety ledge. Our impressive range of shimmer and royal gelcoat colours bring this swimming pool alive matched with creative landscaping providing a back drop you can really "indulge"" yourself in.

Kidney Range Skeleton.
Name Length (m) Width(m) Deep End(m) Shallow End(m)
Indulgence 7.40 3.50 1.50 1.10

Sahara Range

This sleek and modern visually appealing design is the newest addition to our extensive range of fibreglass swimming pools. With the step arrangement being recessed into the curve of the pool the Sahara boasts a large uninterrupted swimming area. Great for laps or just lazing around enjoying your down time. The centre entry on this pool was purposely designed so entry and exit points were opposite to our hugely popular Majestic and Monaco ranges. This ensures that we have a range to suit everyone's needs for their backyard oasis. The 7.5m Sahara is one of the deepest 7m pools on the market with a fantastic depth of 1.88m, the 6.5m Sahara has a slightly shallower deep end at 1.80m. At present this shape is available in two sizes, 7.5m x 3.5m and 6.5m x 3.5m, this range will continue to be extended throughout 2013. As with all of our ranges the Sahara comes with a safety ledge for our little swimmers and is available in all our vibrant colours.

Sahara Range Skeleton.
Name Length (m) Width(m) Deep End(m) Shallow End(m)
Sahara 6.50 3.50 1.80 1.32
Sahara 7.50 3.50 1.88 1.32

Spa Range

Relax, unwind, luxuriate in one of our oval, horse shoe, square or swim spas. Close your eyes and let the power of the jets of warm water and millions of soothing bubbles massage your cares away. Incorporate a swim jet for exercise in our 5.2 swim spa. With ample seating each side and an end entry point, this spa is ideal as an indulgent retreat. This Swim spa may be small in size but it's surely big on impact.

Spa Range Skeleton. Roman Range Skeleton. Roman Range Skeleton.
Name Length (m) Width(m) Deep End(m) Shallow End(m)
Swim Spa 5.20 2.60 1.50 1.18
Horse Shoe Spa 2.90 2.80 1.00 1.00
Oval Spa 2.60 2.60 1.00 1.00
Square Spa 2.60 2.60 1.00 1.00
Milano 7.00 3.20 1.35 1.30
Olympic 7.00 3.40 1.50 1.10
Roman Spa 5.00 3.30 1.35 1.35
Courtyard Spa 4.60 3.50 1.30 1.30

Coral Sea Range

The Coral Sea range incorporates the very best design features available. Spacious swim-outs, seating, entry and exit steps all perfectly positioned around the pool to provide family friendly use as well as a large swimming area, ideal for exercise laps.

Coral Sea Range Skeleton.
Name Length (m) Width(m) Deep End(m) Shallow End(m)
St Crispin 6.80 3.50 1.50 1.10
Trinity 7.60 3.50 1.50 1.10

Venice Range

The Venice shape is the latest addition to our range of pools. Derived from the Majestic and Monaco ranges the Venice features the timeless classic shape of the Majestic combined with the uninterrupted swimming area of the Monaco.

Venice Pools Range Skeleton.
Name Length (m) Width(m) Deep End(m) Shallow End(m)
Venice 10.50 4.40 1.98 1.14
Venice 9.50 4.40 1.93 1.18
Venice 8.50 4.40 1.90 1.22
Venice 7.50 4.40 1.86 1.26
Venice 7.20 3.40 1.82 1.24

Brooklyn Pool / Spa Range

A stunning one piece configuration that has been designed with the whole family in mind. The entry point steps down into a versatile platform that is ideal as a kids play area or water lounge to sit and relax in.Designed with dual spillway’s the pool & spa can run simultaneously eliminating any additional power costs, alternatively they can be run independently. The generous swimming area has been designed to be totally un-obstructed, which is ideal for swimming laps and active families. There is no other pool that can offer all of these features. With its square lines, designer looks we are sure your whole family will love it.

Brooklyn Range Skeleton.
Name Length (m) Width(m) Deep End(m) Shallow End(m)
Brooklyn 12.20 4.40 2.00 1.10
Brooklyn 9.60 4.40 1.85 1.10
Brooklyn 7.50 4.40 1.75 1.10

Why Choose Us?

Outstanding Colour Range

Wide Color Range

Boasting six shimmer colours combined with three royal colours you can be assured we have a colour for you. Barrier Reef Pools pride themselves in only using a marine grade gelcoat (ISO NPG.), ensuring the surface in the contact with pool water is the best.

Manufacturer Warranty

Manufacturer Warranty

Barrier Reef Pools offer a 25 year structural warranty with their pool shells. There is also an internal warranty which meets SPASA Guidelines and Australian Standards, as opposed to concrete pools which at best, will guarantee a seven year structural warranty.

5 Tick of Approval

5 Tick Certified Product Award

Blue Marlin Pools is the only Fibreglass Swimming Pool provider to be awarded the '5 tick' Certified Award. This proves that you are purchasing quality when you choose Barrier Reef Pools for your next fibreglass swimming pool.

Quick as a Splash Installation

Quick As A Splash

From our manufacturing plant straight to your home, your Barrier Reef Pool arrives ready to install. No fuss installation in as little as seven days, compared with concrete rendered or pebbled pools which can take up to three months to complete.

Our Pool Range

Pool Range

Development and expansion of our modern shapes and sizes is constant so that our range of pools is second to none. With an 800m2 facility dedicated to new pool development ensures that you will have a choice of the very latest designs and features to suit your lifestyle.

Looking Good

Looking Good

Pools feature a super soft high gloss surface in a fantastic range of vibrant shimmer and royal colours. This ultra-hard wearing surface is non-porous, stain and chemical resistant and of course is so easy to maintain and clean.